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Apple Macbook Air Neglected?

Ipswich Apple Mac owners are still mourning the loss of the MacBook Air so Apple’s recent advertising push, which tries to convince the world that the iPad Pro is a full replacement for a computer is likely to ruffle some feathers. During 2015 and 2016, the tech giant reinvigorated its Apple laptop line, introducing a 12-inch Apple MacBook, and upgraded Apple MacBook Pros but leaving the Air with nothing of the sort. The Apple Macbook Air has not seen a hardware upgrade in over 2 years already.

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iPad Pro Replaces Apple Macbook Air?

While it’s still unclear whether the Apple Macbook Air will be resurrected, Apple is currently pushing Ipswich Apple Mac fans to either shell out over £1000 for a new Apple MacBook, or over £400 for the entry level Apple iPad Pro which then needs an expensive keyboard and stylus to cover the job of an Apple Macbook Air. It’s notable that while it is still the case that the Apple iPad and Apple MacBook lines are still kept separate on the company’s website, it now lables the Apple iPad Pro as “Super. Computer.” in all promotional material. Coupled with the lack of marketing push on the Apple Macbooks and lack of upgrades on the Apple Macbook Air it wouldn’t be out of the realms of rational thinking to suggest that Apple are conditioning customers towards the Apple iPad Pro as a hybrid machine similar to the Asus Transformer and Microsoft Surface.

Apple Mac Problems?

The most recent marketing material for the Apple iPad Pro revolves around answering what it terms as real problems from computer users and highlights genuine tweets with complaints people have had about their computers. They have been carefully selected to make sure the response is that an Apple iPad Pro would not suffer these problems. It pitches the iPad Pro up as Apple’s most versatile, useful and effect solution for the average consumer who just want to surf, print things and perhaps work on office packages.

Apple Macbook Air Repair

Since there is no appetite from Apple to keep their Apple Macbook Air line going then customers who would normally replace will now look to a repair should they have a big hardware issue with their Apple Macbook Air. We at Acefast Computers Ipswich can repair Apple Macbook Air devices so all is not lost. Call 01473 718212 today.



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