Posted by on March 21, 2017

iPad Pro 2 Rumours

Ipswich Apple iPad owners recognise that their unit was designed and manufactured by the largest and most popular tech giant on the planet. It’s completely understandable why the internet is once again pulsating with rumors about the company’s upcoming new iPad Pro 2. The US based tech giant that has a small Ipswich Apple shop is known for always unveiling its devices out of the blue and with little to no officially released leaks. However, we are blessed to have some info on the upcoming unit.

Ipswich Apple IpadIpswich iPhone fans are already aware that Apple is readying its iPhone smartphone offering this year but that’s not the only big handheld release this year. The tech behemoth is also preparing four brand new iPad Pro 2 devices to be unveiled during 2017. With interest across all models the one that, the one that’s peaked on most Ipswich Apple fans radar is the iPad Pro 2.

Apple iPad Pro 2 Display

The reason for the high anticipation for Apple’s newer devices is due to the company stating that they will equip them with an innovative edge-to-edge LCD and touchscreen. This is why iPad Pro 2 10.5 inch will be able to feature the same display size to be used in an iPad Pro 2 9.7 inch. The fact that Apple has managed to shrunk down the top and bottom bezels will also make the upcoming tablet look very sleek.

Apple Replacing the Macbook?

In terms of accessories, iPad Pro 2 10.5 inch will operate seamlessly with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. This is almost a certainty because Apple’s iPad Pro lineup is being marketed as as capable of replacing the laptop, including their Macbook range which has seen few updates and the Air range more or less killed off.

Apple iPad Pro Processing Specs

Apple generally takes the processor under its own wing and develops its own chipsets. The upcoming iPad Pro 2 range is widely expected to be powered by Apples own A10X processor that’s holds the same power as Apples iPhone 7. What is for sure is that if you’re an Apple fan and have a budget for Tech then you’re in for a good year!