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Ipswich water damaged phone repair service from Acefast Mobilefone experts Ipswich offer a trusted water Ipswich damaged phone repair service to customers in Ipswich and the surrounding areas.

  • Ipswich Water Damage Repair
  • £35 + Parts Set Charge
  • Water Damaged Phone Success Rate 95%
  • Water Damage Data Recovery

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Ipswich Water Damaged Phone Repair

“Acefast rescued my data from my water damaged iPhone after I took it swimming in the sea with me. I was sure the data was lost which included pictures of my recently passed father. I am eternally grateful those last memories were saved and I recommend them to anyone in a similar situation but also not taking your phone swimming with it in the first place!” 

Samuel, Woodbridge

Mobile phone water damage can be a very painful and stressful accident as you’re without a phone and potentially looking at losing important data or even worse, photos that aren’t backed up somewhere. There is inconvenience and the worry of losing cherished photos so really a double dose of stress.

iPhone repair experts Acefast Computers recommend that the most important considerations when a phone has got wet are the following.

  1. DON’T try to charge it. Water + electrical current can only make things worse
  2. DO get it to use ASAP as the corrosion from the water sets in almost immediately
  3. DON’T put it into rice. It’s actually better when a phone comes to us wet as the corrosion starts when the water dries. We can remove the water with less damage if it has been dried out in rice.

The main thing to remember when this unfortunate but very common accident befalls you is that time is of the essence and that the quicker you get it to us the greater your chance of fixing your phone or saving your data.


Ipswich Mobile Phone Water Damage Repair From Just £35
Ipswich Mobile Phone Data Recovery From Just £50