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What is Windows 10 S?

On Tuesday Microsoft quietly launched Windows 10 S, a new version of its iconic and widely used operating system that will come with many new laptops, tablets and desktop PCs in the very near future.

Windows 10 S is a full operational version of Windows 10 intended for low powered PCs and training focused PCs and even some premium PCs, for example, the new Microsoft Surface Laptop.

As indicated by Microsoft the “S” doesn’t stand for anything specifically, however the organization says Windows 10 S is streamlined for effortlessness, security and speed. Windows 10 S will boot 15 seconds quicker than a practically identical machine running Windows 10 Pro with a similar profile and applications introduced, and it will keep running as quick on day 1,000 as it does on the very first day, Microsoft says.

How is it different from Windows 10 Home or Pro?

The big distinction between Windows 10 S and other versions of Windows 10 is that 10 S can only run applications downloaded from the Windows Store. Each and every other version of Windows 10 has the alternative to introduce applications from outsider sources and stores.

Windows 10 S will likewise accompany Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption framework for securing your documents if there should be an occurrence of hacking, which a few version of Windows 10 Home do not have.

Which apps will run on Windows 10 S?

All apps downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Store will run perfectly on Windows 10 S. While it’s behind Apples Appstore and Googles Playstore it does have thousands of applications available, from free to paid and many trial versions of software. Soon to come will be the full Microsoft Office suite, Spotify with Slack, Evernote, Netflix, Facebook, Adobe Photoshop Elements and many others are already available.

Which apps won’t Windows 10 S be able to run?

Basically, anything that isn’t in the App store. That includes Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Chrome browser and the full versions of Adobes popular products from Photoshop to the rest of the Creative Suite.

Can I play games on Windows 10 S?

Yes and no. Games are available on the Windows store but these are Microsoft licensed ones currently with wider big releases still awaiting a slow there.

Currently unavailable are Valve’s Steam store, EA’s Origin, Blizzard’s Battlenet or any game distributed on DVD or via a download from outside the Windows Store, however, which will is a big limitation on the selection of games available for Windows 10 S.

Which browser will it run?

While it’s still a vast improvement on Internet Explorer, many will be saddened that the only option is Microsoft’s Edge browser until other browser makers, including Firefox, Opera and Google make their browsers available through the online Store. Microsoft have stated that it will not stop anyone adding their web browsers to the Windows Store it’s still an unknown as to when they will get round to this.

How do I get it?

Windows 10 S is currently only available on new machines and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Because of the shift in open usage and locked down app ecosystem, it’s foreseeable that Windows will keep this as a preinstall option only. While the operating systems are very different Microsoft never released Windows Millennium in an installable version (a very good thing to be honest) so this wouldn’t be a first for microsoft.

When can I get it?

The first PCs to ship with Windows 10 S installed will be the new Microsoft Surface Laptop, which will be on sale to customers in the US on 15 June. Windows 10 S will see wider availability this summer.

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